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The Creativity between Man and God

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The Story of the Nightly Fairies

It describes a small town from long ago. A time, when craftsmen made things, like the shoemaker, the tailor, the butcher, the baker, the thatcher, the blacksmith. They are in their workshops all day long with their tools and materials making, what people wear, eat and need for shelter. Sue time ago, these people first notice a change – inexplicable, surprising, wondrous.
Shoes, which were half completed in the evening stand beautifully finished the next morning in the workshop. The baker’s breads, buns and cakes are freshly baked and ready to be sold. The tailor’s cut out coat hangs in the morning already sewn; more beautiful than he himself could do it. The town thrives and an atmosphere of happiness and contentment pervades. This continues for some time.

However there is the tailor’s wife. She has heard noises at night, footsteps up and down the stairs in their house, noises of doing things, of sewing and cutting in her husband’s workshop, and she also sees the completed clothes next morning. Curiosity descends on her, she needs to know. Once she just opens her bedroom door a chink and she sees little figures disappearing in the night. She becomes even more curious. She needs to know who that is, what it is and how it is.
She plans to intercept what goes on at night. So in the evening she scatters dry peas on the stairs from the workshop.

The night approaches and she waits. She hears movements, whoever it is, has come, and is now in the workshop, the sound of tools and movements are discernable. The tailor’s wife needs to know. She opens the door of the workshop. And what she sees are little figures sewing, cutting, and ironing the clothes her husband left for the next day. When they notice her, they jump up, shrieking, dropping everything and running down the stairs. But because she put the peas on the steps, they slip and fall and roll and tumble and she is clearly able to have a good look at them. And then they are gone.

The next morning the town’s people notice a change. Those wondrous hands, completing their work have stayed away. And they never returned.

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