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The Creativity between Man and God

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Draft presentations from the Beads Foundation’s recent seminar in Spain.

Creativity has a huge attraction, especially today in all fields of work. but the creativity which comes out of a relationship to God is quite something else. For me it is a most enigmatic phenomenon as it has an amazing potential and a breathtaking fragility.

Creativity does not happen in paradise. Adam and Eve are not creative figures, Everything is golden in paradise and all problems of the earth have not arisen; however creativity is absent. How is this possible, as we value this energy so enormously and yet paradise eludes it? The startling fact is creativity needs separateness. Man needs to feel and understand himself as separate from God.

Man needs to be thrown out of paradise to become creative. Oneness does not produce creativity. How come that separateness is the very stage where man can be creative? If man and God are so separate, what carries this creativity? The enigmatic quality of creativity comes from an enigmatic memory of the soul. I ask, what kind of memory does the soul hold? In the teachings of Meher Baba we are told of God’s whim, to manifest consciousness.

This creative moment is called the OM, point. The first vibration within total stillness.
The image of a big wave is used creating bubbles on the surface of the divine ocean, separating drops from the ocean. The image of the drop soul, separated for the first time from God and experiencing it, is described.

This experience of separation constitutes a gigantic jolt within the drop soul, but amazingly it creates also the first iota of consciousness. However the drop soul never seems to have forgotten having been one with the divine ocean. And this surfaces in multitudes of moves the soul undertakes on its evolutionary journey.

How does this memory of the soul manifests in human incarnations? It shows in the phenomena of longing. Man’s longing for God, longing for Oneness. But now consciously. Longing makes us reach out to God, longing looks for ways and means to address God, it makes us build steps to God.

In order to anchor my thoughts in history, I resort to a most ancient time. 4000 years BC, the place between Euphrates and Tigris, Mesopotamia. There an extraordinary event took place amongst a highly skilled group of priests. An awareness arose, separating the heavens from the earth. (I will show an image from an Egyptian papyrus)

This image describes the Separation of Heaven an Earth. It is from Egypt and dates around 1090 BC. We see here the sky- goddess Nut, her body covered with stars, below, her spouse, the earth – god Geb. Normally in Egyptian art the god elevating the sky goddess is the air-god Shu. Here however his part is taken by an ape-headed figure with the ‘mountain sign’ on his head, the reference would seem to be not only to the power of air, the life breath, but also to the “ primordial hillock”, by which heaven and earth were first separated. On the right and left of this figure a soul- bird, Ba, lifts human arms in the attitude of prayer. Behind and before the goddess Nut are male figures in adoration, to whose outstretched arms the signs of life and stability are attached and below each of whom is the sign West., direction of the sunset, the place where the Netherworld lies, where the dead enjoy a never-ending life.

To separate the heavens from the earth stands for a unique and extraordinary vision. Namely the separation between Man and the Divine. As the image portraits, it is not a scientific event, but it is understood as a deeply spiritual event. The Divine was seen to be in the heavens and man was seen to be on earth. This separation caused an explosion of creativity. The heavens became a map to be explored, measured and understood, mathematical notation and writing were invented, the lunar calendar, the wheel, irrigation etc. are examples of that energy. However contact between the heavens and man was experienced, and needed to be expressed. For the first time ever in the history of this world, monumental brick constructions were built, the ziggurats. They are gigantic pyramids in steps. They are not burial grounds for kings. They are gigantic steps, which signify graded stages of spiritual development in individuals and graded manifestation of divine interaction.

They are forms of connection and interaction between the Divine and Man. They are temples as ladders of dialogue between Man and the Divine. At the top was a small room, for the meeting of the Divine. These places were not for general worship or ceremonies, only priests were allowed to be there. This points to practices only accessible to priests.
This concept of the separation between God and man reached Egypt, Crete, India, China and America.

About the fragility of creativity...this is because of the tailor’s wife. To alleviate your puzzlement I need to tell a story. It is a fairy tale. Fairytales are per se metaphors of insights.

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