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Meher Baba in Spain

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In 1933 Meher Baba made his sixth visit to the West, instead of the planned trip to America he unexpectedly decides to visit Spain. Accompanied by Norina, Minta, Quentin, Herbert, Chanji, Kaka and Adi.

Meher Baba in Beret

Meher Baba in Beret

The party leave London by train on October 22, Kitty Davy had made all the arrangements for the trip, although she was unable to accompany them, in ‘Love Alone Prevails’ she gives an account, taken from her brother Herbert’s diary, of the Spanish adventure.

“We reached the Spanish frontier, Irun, at 9am, October 23… From the train Baba looked out of the window at the first Spanish scenes. It was more like India than any other European country Baba had seen and He was happy to be in Spain. Travelling all day, we passed medieval castles and towers gilded by the light of the setting sun.

At 6am we reached Avila… In appearance it is not unlike Assisi; both have nursed and witnessed the labours of great saints. Baba explained that it is the spiritual atmosphere, the quickened vibrations that give value to the shrines of saints. They are not present in the more subtle body, nor in any special virtue in the dust and bones of their physical bodies. ‘Saints’ He said, ‘are the nerves in My Body’-pointing to His wrists and arms…

“Baba had very special work to do here and we were all to fast for twenty four hours. During this time we were not to touch Him. Shortly before noon, we crossed the square and entered the cathedral… The spiritual atmosphere was not unlike that of St. Mark’s at Venice or of Assisi. As we left Baba specially directed that four silver coins should be given to the sacristan.

“On three sides Avila is surrounded by bleak hills; on the south side the rocks upon which the city is built descended swiftly to the plain. Passing through the Southern Gate we stood on the terrace and the view was magnificent…

“That day with Baba, everything we looked at was enchanted; an ecstasy of living took hold of us all. It was beautiful, but the beauty was within us. We might have been walking in Galilee.”

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