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Incidents in Baba's Love

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Meher Baba's visit to Myrtle Beach, USA in 1952 - An incident:

Baba called Charmian to Myrtle Beach on July 8, 1952, and she relates the following incidents.

I arrived at Elizabeth Patterson's home in the evening and was ensconced in a room below Baba's which I shared with one of Baba's old disciples, Ruano Bogislav, whom he often referred to as "Baba's Eagle." Ruano, I believe, was a baroness and looked quite patrician. She had bright, piercing eyes, an arched nose, grey hair worn back in a soft bun, sensible shoes and a tweed suit, and an infectious and delightful sense of humor. I couldn't help developing both a profound respect for her and a deep sense of affection as I got to know her.

We all sat down to luncheon the next day, and as we neared the end of the meal Ruano excused herself. As my back was toward the living room, I did not observe where she went from the table and so was somewhat startled to hear someone say, "Really, I don't see how she can do that with Baba right upstairs". A few more comments followed, and I turned around to see Ruano in a comfortable chair smoking a large black cigar.

Suddenly from the back of the house far away, I heard Mani's footsteps racing along the upstairs hall and down the stairs. She sailed into view bearing a rectangular box, went across to Ruano and said, handing her the box, "Baba sent these to you, Ruano, but he wants you to remember your promise not to smoke more than six a day". Ruano opened the box, which turned out to be full of big black cigars. The conversation ceased right there, and we all learned a lesson in criticism. Where Baba got the cigars we never found out.

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